I typically do not review task or todo list managers, but Silo looked like an interesting concept with a very nice and unique UI design approach: In particular with the currently topical discussion about an allegedly "flat" UI design coming to iOS 7 at next week's WWDC in San Francisco. More and more apps now come with refreshing simple designs and Silo will nicely match with apps like Mailbox.


Silo is minimal in design and focussed around managing individual lists of tasks. No fancy tagging, context, projects or anything. Not even due dates are supported in 1.0. However, Silo has list sharing build in which makes it interesting for small teams, friends or families that have joint things going on – and if it is just as mundane as groceries.

Being available on Mac and iOS (universal for iPhone & iPad) it sets itself apart from many platform isolated solutions available on the App Store. In that respect the name "Silo" is not really deserved.

The iOS UI heavily leverages gestures in a similar way we have already seen it in Clear. Even pro users will get a little excited since Silo includes a x-callback-url scheme which allows for some nifty iOS automation.

Silo is not for heavy lifters and dyed-in-the-wool GTDers, but if you are looking for a simple, well designed task manager available on all your Apple platforms and allowing list sharing Silo should be worth a look.