OmniGroup's task management application OmniFocus, based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology of David Allen, has grown to one of the main topics of my blog. Since 2009 I have been collecting and writing about tips and tricks that help putting OmniFocus to work whether you are just starting with it or are looking for ways to improve your current setup or workflow. The collection of the most popular and essential OmniFocus posts below will hopefully help you to navigate the site a bit better if you are looking for help with your productivity setup.

The Basics

These posts should get you started with OmniFocus or improve your understanding of the general structure and features.

The More Advanced Stuff

If your are looking to hack your OmniFocus experience and improve the integration with other tools in your workflow the below posts are for you.

Other OmniFocus Resources

My blog is definitely not the only source when it comes to OmniFocus tips and tricks. The OmniGroup and a number of fellow bloggers share fantastic content that helps with your productivity setup as well. Make sure you also check out the below sites.

Finally you will find many of the people I read and listen to covering OmniFocus topics on an infrequent basis.