This little series of posts looks at the most efficient way to travel with your Apple devices. I am on the road often, flying across Europe and doing the odd trip to the US. When I travel I like to keep things light, but functional. Over the past 10 years I have learned many lessons and have incrementally improved by electronic travel setup. These posts cover aspects of my setup and those of fellow nerds. This guest post is by Kourosh Dini.

When Sven first approached me about writing a guest post for his travel series on, I had two rather simultaneous reactions:

  • Awesome!


  • Wait, I don't travel ...

But then I realized I do. In fact, I happen to walk quite frequently through the below freezing cold weather of Chicago's winters, and I have needed to adjust the tools around me to accommodate.

The practice and exercise of walking is an excellent means of generating thought. Many of these thoughts are associations relating to whatever writings I happen to be working on at the time. Some thoughts are useful--some, less so. Which are which are hard to tell while out and about.

I needed some way to handle these ideas in inclement conditions, so that I would not forget them once I arrived at my destination, where the awaiting duties of the day could derail my thoughts. Parking my thoughts somewhere for later perusal provides a means by which they may eventually be given my full attention.

nutouchglovesUsing a quick entry iOS trick for OmniFocus described by pastorhudson on the Omni Group's forums, I can quickly enter an idea as a task. The trick provides an easily available icon, parked in the main dock, that jumps straight to the Inbox.

Beyond the phone, however, the bitter cold can make it difficult to write anything in the first place. In order to deal with the weather, it is useful to layer. In this case, I even layer my gloves. Having inner gloves which work with the iPhone screen work well. I’ve used these.

Being of a thinly knit material, the gloves do not provide enough protection on their own for any extended period of time. But for a few moments, they are fine and many times better than naked skin. Over these thin gloves, I wear a larger, poofier pair, which protect but can still be removed as needed.

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Kourosh-DiniKourosh Dini is author of the popular 'Creating Flow with OmniFocus' book which has been endorsed by various OmniFocus power users such as Merlin Mann, David Sparks and yours truly. He also spoke at the OmniFocus Setup event where I had the honour to meet him. He has recently been on the 'Mikes on Mics' podcast discussion all things productivity and, well, drinks. Follow the psychiatrist and musician from Chicago on Twitter.