In this short screencast I am demonstrating how I use TextExpander inside of OmniFocus to track projects, which I have delegated and where I don’t want to track individual actions.

Basically all these projects are tracked as individual entries in a Single Action List called ‘Delegated Projects’ and I use the note field and TextExpander to capture easy to read status updates. I get these updates either through weekly status calls or meetings I have with the project owners or via email.

Whenever I am asked to provide an update myself or meet anyone associated with the project, I can quickly and easily engage on the subject.

I also use TextExpander to capture single Waiting For actions I record during meetings or calls. TextExpander helps me to reduce the time and the typing required to capture these while I still want to follow and remain engaged in the conversation. Querying my Twitter followers that seems to be the most common use case amongst them as well.