When I did the radical revamp of my OmniFocus setup last weekend, I also followed R-Miguel’s idea of refreshing the look & feel of the application I look at every day.

Until last week I was happily using the Light ‘Solarized’ theme by Ben Brooks, which is very good theme. But it was time for something fresh and hence I went out to OFThemes.com and checked out what was on display.

It was the ‘Reminder-ish’ theme that caught my attention aesthetically. Inspired by the iOS Apple Reminder App it provides quite a unique look.

However, the theme had a few things that didn’t work for me such as the dark sidebar. There where also some usability flaws, in particular the virtually unreadable font colour in OmniFocus’ quick entry box. So I went off and modified the theme to my practical and visual needs.

The end product is now a totally different theme, which I just called by the name of its creation date: May 4th (Star Wars Day).


The basic layout is pretty much the same as in “Reminder-ish”, but the colour-scheme is different, not only in the sidebar.


I also wanted to make better use of the different styles OmniFocus allows you to apply to different states like next action, blocked, due, …

  • Next actions are highlighted in purple and a soft underline setting themselves apart from single actions which miss the underlining
  • Blocked actions are smaller in font size and greyed out
  • Similar for completed actions incl. strike-through
  • Also actions groups are grey and smaller as they are typically not actionable themselves
  • Due Soon and Due actions catch your attention with slightly bigger font size and orange and red colour

Good old ‘Helvetica Neue’ is the font of choice for this theme to ensure it works the same for everyone (and just look classy).

If the OmniFocus ‘May 4th’ theme pleases your eye and supports your Spring Cleaning OmniFocus efforts go and grab it.