Sparrow, the new and already popular native Mac client for GMail gained basic AppleScript support in its latest version. The AppleScript wizards like Don Southard (aka @binaryghost) have already picked it up and created some level of integration with OmniFocus.

In his post “Delegate a Task in OmniFocus with Sparrow” Don introduces an AppleScript that allows you to delegate tasks from within OmniFocus using Sparrow.


My favourite email integration though, adding Waiting For eMails to OmniFocus, which requires linking back to emails, won’t work in Sparrow until it has support for a customer URI scheme (e.g. “sparrow://”).

Update 16/02

There was quite some AppleScript geeking going on yesterday after Dan posted the above, original script.

  • Ben Brooks responded with a version of the script which saw a further enhancement later yesterday where an “Add to OmniFocus”-link is now embedded into the outgoing email for other OmniFocus users to add it straight to their task library
  • Later Jered Benoit tweeted another enhancement that enables further automation by incorporating Delegate and Defer scripts

Possibly not the end of this informal OmniFocus AppleScript contest, I suppose.