Perspectives is a well known feature in OmniFocus for the pros amongst you. What some (including myself) may only discover by coincidence is that you can actually create ‘saved searches’ in OmniFocus using the Perspective feature.

It is actually relatively simple:

  1. Select the scope of your search: For example for entire OmniFocus library in ‘Planning Mode’ or a folder there in. You certainly also do this in ‘Context Mode’
  2. Enter the search string you use on a regular basis into the search field in the toolbar
  3. From the ‘Perspective’ menu select ‘Save Window As > New Perspective’
  4. Now give the new perspective a suitable name
  5. Done.

Every time you now select this perspective the search is executed and you get those projects and/or actions that match the string. Note fields also get searched so you could even do something similar to tagging using notes.


I use this newly discovered with Curt Clifton’s ‘Validate Next Action Exists’ script, which scans all active projects and marks those which don’t have a next action defined by adding ‘Missing NA’ to the project name. My ‘saved search’ perspective looks for exactly that string.