I have posted late last year that I want to publish an ebook about OmniFocus for Mac in 2012. Throughout the last months I pondered what approach I will take to make the book as useful as possible to as many as possible readers.

Real-life examples and use cases

After querying my dear Twitter followers it became clear that people are mostly curious how others use OmniFocus to get work done. Of course many are also looking for little tips & tricks, AppleScript goodness and integration with other applications, which I will cover as well.

But first and foremost I want to share real-life examples and use cases of OmniFocus. While many authors focus on the ‘best’ use, which is surprisingly close to how they use an application themselves, I quickly realised that if I want to provide a variety of possible usage, I would need to go beyond my own horizon.

That is why I have decided to invite anyone who wants to contribute to share their use cases and workflows with me, so I can reflect them in the book. If you are a manager in a big cooperation like myself, an application developer, a freelance photographer or the coach of a youth soccer team, the way you put OmniFocus to work will differ.

The place you use OmniFocus, other applications that determine your workflow and whether you work more on your own, with a team or cross-functional equally influence your setup.

Help me by contributing

Those of you that want to contribute can subscribe to my contributor mailing list as of today. The mailing list will be exclusively used to query you about different aspects of OmniFocus in a structured way. Starting from folder structures to how you use single action lists, name projects or use dates, I’d love to get as much as input as possible.

I already like to thank everyone that is willing to share since you will be the ones that will make this project ultimately possible. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise everything you share will remain anonymous.

Subscribers will also have the chance to get some sneak peeks of the book and provide early feedback to me.

Timed with OmniFocus for Mac 2.0 release

My intention is, if at all possible, to time the publication of the book with the release of OmniFocus for Mac 2.0. While the kind folks of OmniGroup support me with my project, there is some uncertainty around it since I respect OmniGroup’s philosophy to not ship a new version on a specific date but once it is ready.

Don’t query me on the release date or what features and functionalities will be in OmniFocus for Mac 2.0 because I simply don’t know (yet) and once I know I won’t share it.

The new version will certainly change some of the use cases and examples, but I will try to factor this into the writing process as good as I can.

Let me invite you to subscribe to the OmniFocus ebook contributor mailing list now. Thank you so much!