There are many relying on Evernote to keep all their notes, snippets, drafts and documents in sync across their devices. Having an application for nearly every (mobile) platform, build-in OCR and seamless cloud sync, Evernote is certainly leading the pack. While I personally dislike the closed system it provides, I can totally understand everyone that is in love it. If you are and you keep your tasks and projects in OmniFocus you’ll be interested in these two AppleScript which have been posted on Veritrope

  • Copy OmniFocus Item URI to Evernote ”This script will copy a link to the currently selected task/project/folder in OmniFocus to a new note item in Evernote. If the item is a part of a OmniFocus Project, the script will add the Project name as a tag — creating one if none currently exists!”
  • Search Evernote for Notes Containing Link To Selected OmniFocus Item: “This script will search through your Evernote note collection for a link to the currently selected task/project/folder in OmniFocus. Once the items are found, the script will display the results of the search in a separate Note Collection window.”

As you may have figured out already these two script complement each other and create a tight link between notes in Evernote and tasks/projects in OmniFocus. If you keep detailed project notes or support material in Evernote this is the way to go.