I found this little gem from 2011 by Adam Wozinak while reading "Three Things" by Jeff Atwood which basically calls you useless if you need any (digital) tool to remember the three things you need to do today — and is totally right with that.

  • Lists give the illusion of progress
  • Lists give the illusion of accomplishment
  • Lists make you feel guilty for not achieving these things
  • Lists make you feel guilty for continually delaying certain items
  • Lists make you feel guilty for not doing things you don’t want to be doing anyway
  • Lists make you prioritise the wrong things
  • Lists are inefficient (think of what you could do with all the time you spend maintaining your lists?)
  • Lists suck the enjoyment out of activities, making most things feel like an obligation
  • Lists don’t actually make you more organised long term
  • Lists can close you off to spontaneity and exploration of things you didn’t plan for (let’s face it, it’s impossible to REALLY plan some things in life)

This hurts a little since there is some (maybe even a lot) truth in Adam's list (!). We all know that and we should all remain open and critical about our own practices which too easily turn into believes for some.

There are a couple of "secret" projects I am working on this year and I am thrilled that the first one is out in the public now: Der Übercast — an accident in the German tech podcast airspace.

derubercast-logoDer Übercast is a cooperation with my nerd friends and now co-pilots Andreas Zeitler (MacOSXScreencasts) and Patrick Welker (RocketINK) and our joint attempt to shake up the concerningly boring German tech podcast scene.

You can expect us to talk a lot about Mac, iPhone and iPad, but certainly also about the wider Apple ecosystem and technology overall. While we are generally trying to be helpful, it is also not unlikely that it'll all end up in a lot of non-sense sometimes.

We are very excited that we have successfully pursuaded some non-German speaking friends like Merlin Mann, Federico Viticci, Stephen Hackett or David Sparks to talk a little Deutsch for us. Just these snippets are worth tuning in for. Here is a little teaser, but you'll hear those features over the upcoming episodes.

Our intro episode and the 1st proper one covering "Wearables" are live now. So if you are German-speaking check us out on our Der Übercast site, our iTunes podcast feed and follow us around on Twitter and other places.

FWIW, also Apple Germany thinks we are "New" (that's correct) and "Noteworthy" (yippie!)

Paul Boag is a veteran OmniFocus user and has always made an effort to share how he uses the application. With the OmniFocus 2 Beta he recorded a new screencast that takes you through his setup.

As Chris Bowler in his recent "The Right Mix" post noted, in particular how Paul uses his goals as folders is a very neat idea that makes you evaluate a project twice as you file it into your structure.